2956 miles. That is the distance I covered via Scion FRS, in my 7 day long road trip to Evergreen Speedway to shoot the Seattle round of Formula Drift for Wrecked Magazine. I love road trips, I had a new car, so I had to do it.

At 6am I filled up for the first time, and headed out from San Diego North County. I wanted to leave early, but my body didn’t. So I sat in a bit of LA traffic, not nearly as bad as expected, and just kept on going north.

I took the 99 once I got past the Grapevine, following the instructions of my phone’s GPS program. So I got to drive through Fresno and all those wonderful places. Just stopping to get gas an Popeye’s at one point, I kept chugging north until I met back with the 5.

My last stop for gas in California was just short of the border. I can’t honestly remember the name of the town, it was hot and muggy and very green. I guess that is the thing we SoCal folk notice the most when we head north, it is so so green. As I headed through Oregon I saw some people heading the same direction as I was.

The original plan was to stop in Eugene for the night, but after I ate there I felt I could keep moving, so I drove on to Portland. It sucks that so much of the cool stuff I wanted to see was obscured by darkness, but I just didn’t have the time to spare. I did get to have a great local beer in Eugene, and ate at a great spot.

I decided to just skip all the sightseeing and  drove straight to the track, to get there in time for the first media meeting, and start shooting! Only sight was some of my car’s cousins getting hauled to a dealer. Then just on to the drifting and shooting Thursday practice.

Of course I shot throughout the day Friday and Saturday, through the Pro2 and main events. I shot everything a little differently than I had before, more angles, not just seeing how slow of a pan I can get like I normally spend most of my time doing, haha.  When it all was said and done, Darren McNamara had one over Dean “Karnage” Kearney. It was kind of awesome to see the Viper doing that well. I have always liked watching Vipers do just about anything, especially drifting.

The next day I headed back south, and a bit more leisurely pace. I headed to Portland for lunch, then down to Eugene again. But this time I went to the coast, and down the coast from there. This time I had time to stop and take a few photos here and there. And I gladly did, as it was quite beautiful in many spots.

The next day I was able to meet the owner of one of my favorite cars on earth for lunch in San Francisco, and then went down the coast then to dinner near Laguna Seca. This reminded me that I will be driving back up here in a few weeks for the amazing historic weekend held every year in August on the peninsula.

The night was spent in Carmel, and then the next day I drove home. The 1 ALMOST drove me insane because of being covered in slow slow traffic, but I made it home, and I loved pretty much the whole damn trip.

So, check out the rest of the photos. Share this, and come back for my next road trip up to the Rolex Monterey Motorsport Reunion at Laguna Seca!