aka – Just another Saturday.


Haha, I WISH all my Saturdays were so great. I started with a plan. Well, I had a plan that kept changing as I found more and more things to do during Saturday. As the day began, the plan was:

  • Go to Cars and Coffee in Irvine
  • Get a quick breakfast
  • Head to the LA Roadster Show
  • Meet friend at Donuts and Coffee event at East Fork Supply Co and drool all over an 8×10 polaroid.
  • Bother said friend (photographer Adam Bendig) while he welds on his motorcycle
  • Go watch speedway racing at Costa Mesa Speedway

Cars and Coffee Irvine went off as planned. The Toyota FT1 show car was there, as well as the normal mind bending number of other restored beauties and modified monsters. It is a crowded event, but worth the effort every time. Basically the best thing about it is people go there to talk to other car people about cars and look at cars. I always have at least 2 interesting conversations with new people while I am there.

By the time I left Cars and Coffee I decided that I needed to strike the LA Roadster Show off the docket, which allowed me to have breakfast wherever I wanted.  Anepalco’s Cafe is one of the best places for breakfast I have ever found. You won’t get french toast and waffles, but amazing Mexican dishes OR crepes! Parking is always an issue here, and I went, drive around 4 times finding nothing. And with the monster looking line out front, I drive off dejected. I drove to some highly Yelp rated pancake shop, but the line there was even scarier, and it just didn’t sound good. I REALLY wanted Anepalco’s so I drove back. It worked out for the best as there was parking and no wait when I got back! Fantastic! HUEVOS DIVORCIADOS – Green & Red Sauces, Tortillas, Ham, Bacon, Eggs, Red Onion, Avocado, Cotija Cheese, Sour Cream, Cilantro

After that I went over to East Fork Supply Co. to wee what was up. There were Cronuts, there was iced coffee, hand made leather goods, and a big honking camera. I talked nerdy camera stuff, looked at stuff I wanted to buy.

I then ran around and saw some friends I don’t get to see often over at WOnderland Studios, which was great. After they were sick of me I went and bothered Adam while he was trying to work on his project bike. I got some photos of him welding so I think he forgave me.

Then we drove to the Speedway in Costa Mesa to watch some racing! I had never been so I didn’t expect much, but it was awesome! There were so many people there! There were sidecars, kids classes, and pros. The SMELL, loved the way those bikes smelled! Haha. After all the racing there was a Motorcycle Demolition Derby! This entailed taping 3 balloons to themselves, and having a PVC “bat” to pop the other people’s balloons! It was kind of insane. I didn’t have my camera for this, because I can’t be a photographer ALL the time! But I got this shot from my phone!

So, below is the WHOLE gallery from the day, check it out, and enjoy. Then next weekend, GO SEE SOME SHIT!