This weekend was very very Saturday heavy. Sunday was a day of doing nothing, Saturday was full. It started out with meeting up with the SoCal SD FT86 at Carlsbad Cars. There we gathered and went over to HRE Wheels Open House. Because HRE is such a high end wheel manufacturer, the cars they end up put on can be quite exotic. So when they hold an open house, some really heavy hitters show up. It all started when the club was waiting to get into the car club parking. A gaggle of super cars flew past us toward their much more prestigious parking spots. A Murcielago, a Mercedes SLS, Porsche GT3, howling past us, getting their special treatment.

I walked around and drooled on a few cars, and of course took a few photos you can look through below. I will say that after looking over a McLaren P1 last weekend, and again seeing a Bugatti Veyron this weekend, the P1 just looks like a more nicely turned out, detailed car. I would not have expected that, but it is what it looked like to me.

After HRE I was privileged to see a private collection of cars and motorcycles in the San Diego area. It was a very impressive grouping of cars, and AMAZING selection of bikes. The one drawback to the private collection, no photos! I wish I could share with my friends what I saw! I have to thank Adam for the invite to that. Some day I have to figure out how to return the favor for all these amazing events he invites me to!

Check out these shots, and I will start trying to figure out what I am doing next weekend!