In the middle of August every year, there is a week of automotive nirvana that occurs on the Monterey Peninsula. There are automotive auctions and car shows all over the peninsula, from downtown Monterey on the Wharf south to Carmel Valley. You can attend any number of car shows, from the Concorso d’Lemons, The Gathering at the Quail (specializing in historic cars of motorsport), to one of the greatest car shows there is, the Pebble Beach: Concours d’Elegance. You can even just walk around Carmel and watch the amazing parade of cars roll up and down the hills.

Here is a slideshow of the images from my walk around Carmel on Friday. The cars driving around there are jaw dropping.

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But, if you are more like me, you skip all the elite car show events and auctions and spend your time where history lives and breathes a little.

Book-ending the week are vintage racing events at one of North America’s greatest race tracks, Laguna Seca. Since the break up occurred a few years ago, the main event is now called the Motorsport Reunion, which happens the same weekend as Pebble Beach and everything else. But there is also a race the weekend before that is much less attended, that used to be called (and is still refereed to as by most) the preHistorics. I was only able to attend the main event.

So, what makes this even special? One thing is every year there is a featured marque for the event. And whatever that marque is, it is well represented. I have gone in years when Ferrari was featured and you see things like 3 year old Formula1 cars being brought there by the factory team, and a DOZEN or so Ferrari GTO’s being driven around the track. Or the year AutoUnion was featured and there were several of the cars in attendance, but also contemporaries to them like Mercedes to be seen with them. And this does mention all the amazing cars that are brought out that have nothing to do with the featured marque. IMSA GTP cars, TransAm cars from all eras, IMSA GTO and GTU cars. All the stuff I grew up loving.  There are also formula cars from many eras, B and A Sedans, and even pre-war cars! Those are fun to watch, not exciting, but certainly fun to see fully safety suited/helmeted drivers AND ride along mechanics race about in cars with no roll hoops or even seat belts.

So, enjoy my photos from the race, and try to make it up next year. I might skip the big weekend and just go to the PreReunion, myself! haha.

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